Cancers Treated: Brain, Bowel (metastatic), Breast (metastatic), Cervical (metastatic), Colon/Rectal (metastatic), Kidney (metastatic), Liver (metastatic), Lung (metastatic), Lymphoma (metastatic), Melanoma (metastatic), Hodgkinsons Disease (metastatic), Oesophagael (metastatic), Ovarian (metastatic), Pancreatic (metastatic), Prostate (metastatic), Small cell lung (metastatic), Stomach (metastatic), Leukaemia (metastatic)

Evidence Level: Well Researched [more info]

Summary: This treatment involves the use of a personalised vaccine to retrain the immune system to recognise cancer cells as a threat to the body.

Description: Dendritic cells are found in all blood vessels. These cells identify foreign substances, such as cancer cells in the body, process them and then help jump start the immune response to destroy them by bringing them to the attention of the T cells. Often the dendritic cells are not very effective with this process. With Dendritic cell therapy, the patients own dendritic cells are treated and modified to be able to specifically train the T cells to attack and kill all cancer cells that have the same foreign substance on their surface.

History: The interaction between the cancer cells and the immune system was first recognized in the 1890s by a young New York doctor, William Coley. Dr. Coley found in a number of cancer patients that they had experienced spontaneous remission of their tumors after having contrated an acute bacterial infection.He went on to treat his patients with bacterial cultures in the form of Coleys Toxins. This has lead to the development of cellular immunotherapy or Dendritic Cell Therapy Vaccines today.

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Cancer Active information on Dendritic Cell Therapy
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Information written by Dr.Julian Kenyon

Practitioners that offer this treatment:
Dr Jose Henriquez (Tijuana, Mexico)
Dr Julian Kenyon (Twyford, United Kingdom)
Dr Nasri (Barrie, Canada)
Dr Thomas Nesselhut (Duderstadt, Germany)
Dr Peter Wolf (Strasse 9, Germany)

Organisations that offer this treatment:
Biocare (IBC) (Fraccionamiento Del Prado, Mexico)
Dove Clinic For Integrated Medicine (Twyford, United Kingdom)
Hyperthermia Centre Hannover (Strasse 9, Germany)
Institute of Tumour Therapy (Duderstadt, Germany)
Integrative Whole Health Clinic (IWHC) (Tijuana, Mexico)
ITL Cancer Clinic (Freeport, Bahamas)
Nasri Functional Medicine Clinic (Barrie, Canada)
San Diego Clinic (San Diego, United States Of America)